One of the important parts of a good photo is the magic after they're shot. Editing, retouching, or post-processing a shot relay a clearer message. Plus most, if not all, good photographers don't easily post, share, or sell an unpolished photograph.
"But why?" you might ask. Well, ask no more!
Let's all discover what is the purpose of photo editing and how it can greatly affect your images only here at *drum roll please* Chrissee Minute! So without further ado, lets start.

What is the purpose of photo editing?
For starters, its main purpose is making a raw image look better  or more relevant depending on the purpose and usage of an image. Photo editing and retouching is widely used within the photography industry - especially for commercial projects.
That said, here are some tricks to help you start!
Content or message is more important in an image than all the technicalities. It is good if we know the technical stuff needed to produce quality photos but if you did not execute its message well, it's just an ordinary image. So don't be afraid to crop and focus on the subject.
Things to remember:
- rule of thirds which acts as guide for subject placement
- make subject/s prominent inside the frame
- get rid of extra elements
Straighten horizons, angles, or lines that should be straight unless it's intentional. Used mostly for landscape photos. Perfect example is a beach shot.
Things to remember:
- differentiating angles and/or horizon
- different cropping style/types
- profile correction and transformation in Lightroom
This is used to correct color temperatures. It can be used creatively and dramatically depending on the overall feel, emotion, message, or intention for your shot.
Things to remember:
- how to get accurate white balance
- correcting color temperature by selecting grays or whites
- applying creative and dramatic colors
Sometimes, we are afraid to tweak the current lighting within our photos. Remember, you can adjust specific areas of your shots if needed. Darken overexposed areas, lighten underexposed areas.
Things to remember:
- use of exposure or dodge and burn
- painting light
A lot of banding or visible color stretching while you edit in Adobe Photoshop? Worry no more! Edit in 16-bit color mode instead. 8-bit cannot give a lot of headroom for other colors so the edited image may look stretched.
Things to remember:
- use 16-bit for heavy editing
- use 32-bit for HDR
- merge before changing to 8-bit then save
Take a break when you are on the finalization stage of your editing process. There are times we overdo our editing that we only see the technical aspects of our edits and not the feel or its consistency to the message. Taking breaks or sleeping on an edit will let you see your work with a better perspective, a new light.
Like in the sample photo, I would've stick to the mood on the left which is a lot darker than I intended if I failed to rest before finalization.
The internet has lots of information you can freely access today. Search and watch for tutorials when you're bored. Sometimes, just watching (or auto playing) photography, editing, and color-grading tips from YouTube will help you discover new things in this field.
Personally, I search and watch for food or fashion-related links and videos. So if you guys are interested, you can also ask me for more.
For those who want to deep-dive into editing, here are some sites you can start with.
Websites and Classes:
This is one of the sites every photographer should know.
A really nice educational site that sometimes offer free classes/lessons related to art so check 'em out!
Another educational site that can help you with anything! I'm kinda impressed how many creatives share their ideas here. Awesome!
Quality site with quality content with some free lessons.
Mango Street Lab 
What can I say? they got a nice site for inspiration with cool presets too! Plus their YouTube channel is love.
YouTube links and Artists:
5 Photographers Edit The Same Photo
A good example of how different artists perceive/create what they think is a beautiful edit.
Mango Street
I told you, I really like them hahaha! They got nice content too. Really fun and interesting to watch. Especially their collaborations with other creatives.
Jamie Windsor
He's got sooo many tips and tricks related to photography and editing like Peter McKinnon but less stylistic so you can actually base your edits on his and tweak afterward.
Jessica Kobeissi
She's one of the many you should follow if you're interested in fashion photography. She likes fun photography challenges with her friends and I am greatly inspired to do one with mine too!
The Bite Shot
For food enthusiasts like me! I just love this channel! As in L O V E!
Ryan Longnecker
His edits are just so L-I-T! He also loves colors and his use of colorwheel for his shots is just amazing.

Craving for more? Check this out!

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