Chris See Casas is a manila-based food, product, and portrait photographer.

A visual artist dedicated to serving you
delectable and delightful images.
garnish your visual identity
Want to give yourself or your business a delectable visual branding? My team specializes in cooking a cohesive visual identity, perfect for individuals and companies who want to upgrade their branding within the food, product, and fashion industry.
We pride ourselves in producing visually appetizing photos - starting from brainstorming up to final editing.
Our team is always inspired to give you a personalized portrait session! We create inspirations that fit your style.​​​​​​​
Get to post consistent, inviting posts on your website and social media accounts without any hassle on your schedule.
Through the years, I've been able to build connections with pool of awesome creatives - photographers, video producers, food & product stylists, hair & make-up artists, graphic designers, and photo editors - who are prepping to cook your visual identity dream into a wonderful cuisine.​​​​​​​
our clients
Kenny Rogers Ph • Ruby Jacks’s Steakhouse and Bar Manila • Tori Ichi Yakitori and Bar • Mix Plant, Inc. • Baba Bake • Stratuscast • I am Abi Fine Art Photography • Beautiful Life Studios • Spinkie Baby • Spinkie Wear • Jeanjaquet • Arete • Moda Rosa House of Couture • Yupangco Philippines • Dickies Philippines • Dragonshroud Mods
Chris See Casas is a Manila-based photographer, visual artist, and creative entrepreneur dedicated to serving you delectable and delightful images.
She has produced photography, advertising, and visual branding works for clients from the Philippines, USA, and Canada. Now, her images can be seen in restaurant menus, social media posts, brand sites, product catalogs, and fashion look books. Chris has grown to be a diverse art enthusiast with an appetite for minimalist, galactic, or painting-like things.
When she doesn't have commercial work, Chris continues to share her creative vision with the world by collaborating with other creatives or helping co-photographers through art direction, styling, and/or photo editing.

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