My brother has been an avid collector of mechanical keyboards for I-dunno-how-long now. As time goes by, he was able to suck me into this black hole of keyboard enthusiasm and got my own too. Literally a #LASON! It's been years now since he started collecting and I hope I was able to shoot all of them. For now, here are some photos of our mecha siblings.
Let me know which ones you like!
Oh! There's a facebook page for those people interested - Also, groups about mechanical keyboards - Mechanical Keyboard Warriors PH. Try to visit and get more sucked in! There are awesome build inspirations shared by different enthusiasts there. Most of the members can also answer your keyboard-related queries too.
If you're ready for your first mechanical keyboard, you may want to visit again or join Mechanical Keyboard Market PH and Keyboard Addicts PH for group buys and more.
I've also been to some keyboard meetups where I saw so many collectors and enthusiasts all in one room. It was an MKB heaven! You can see all different keyboard brands and even famous keyboard enthusiasts there. Everyone can freely try displayed keyboards all they want as long as their hands are clean, of course.
I also discovered so many collections and clickity-clicky builds out there. The squishy ones are still weird but they're still lovely. Hahaha! The ones I'm so in awe about were the artisan keycaps and the ergonomic or split ones. They're sooo beautiful and unique, I really want to have one soon.

And also, congratulations to Jasper Lawan for winning his first ever keyboard from HyperX~ Yiiieee!

Here are the keebs we brought in the meet-up! You can see some of them are already shot above.

Here's an awesome video from TaeKeyboards showcasing one of the biggest and coolest mechanical keyboard meet-up I've been to here in the Philippines last year (2019). You can also follow him and visit his YouTube and Instagram to know more about mechanical keyboards.

Craving for more? Check this out!

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